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College Library

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The Central Library of HMCHR is a centrally placed building and started functioning from 2003. HMCHR library housed in 3 large halls of the college building has a stock of more than 7400 books comprising of 500 titles of reference and textbooks and more than 150 journals, CDs aimed at keeping the students and faculty abreast with the modern technology and progress made in the field of Medical Sciences.
The Library provides the following services in addition to lending of books and journals.

  1. Internet facility
  2. Current Awareness Services (CAS)
  3. Selection Dissemination of Information Services (SDI)
  4. Newspaper Clipping Services
  5. Audio-visual Services
HMCHR Library has established a Digital Library using the appropriate package for the benefit of the students and faculties. The Library is in the process of being automated through a corporate edition of Web Centric ‘LS Premia in Red Hat Linux Enterprise Edition 5.0 platform and RDBMS backed in MYSQL’.

The working hours of the Central Library is from 9 AM to 10 PM on all working days and 9 AM to 12 PM before 3 months of examination.

  • Latest editions of medical, para-medical and general books of prominent authors are procured every year and offered for referencing and circulation.
  • International and National journals are subscribed every year for the benefit of the users.
  • Internet browsing facility is provided free of cost to the members (registered for the purpose) for their academic, research and patient care activities.
  • Good quality photocopy (Xerox) facility is provided at reasonable rates and a register is maintained in this regard.
  • The central Library also caters to the needs of other Institutions / Libraries by supplying Xerox copies from journals upon their specific requests.